Month: May 2004

Foo Foo in the Wah Wah

Eebs, Ash’ms, Moll Moll, Shell Fish, and Ally came by, we swam in my warm dirty pool, played the foo ball. Let it be forever known that Ashley suggested we play spin the bottle…in the pool..wull, what she lacks in ingenuity she makes up for in Italian-ness, and thats all bueno in my book. Also, let it be known that me and Ash’ms, AKA “Team Italy” spanked the bajeebus outta Eebs and Molly, straight savness italiano/italiana ness goin down. No pics of the match but you’ll jus hafta take my word that we came, we saw, we conquered, in the name of Mussolini. mmm hmmm

Not wantin to go to school tommorow, but I will, havent missed a day in weeks, many many weeks, I think ill go tommorow too, jus to be cool.

Did ya notice the mothers day card I made for my momma? Whatja think? Kinda mean that I dint even tell her I did anything for her till late in the day, I guess thats why my mom stopped at one kid :P. Wull, comment and wish my mom a happy mothers day, she has a lot to put up with.

Oh and I lied about not takin any pics, someone left their sweater here, at first I thought it was Eebs cause it smells like his perfume, but…hmm, im having doubts. Put it on fora test drive, and for some reason, the girls medium doesn’t fit me! I was agast. Think Imma keep it anyway though, so thanks :D.

Headlights Pointed at the Dawn

Frrriday, its close to midnight, somethin izza lerkin in the night, and in case ya dint know, those paira floating boobs belong to none other than NASTY NATE himself! Yep. Brotha Dawkness did come over to spend the night, fresh fromma another loss on the baseball field, aint thatta shame (6W – 8L) for the Aragonian Donians. Damn shame. So of course me and Leo, are jus chillin and gellin like felons, inspiration strikes! While Leo was busy checkin out the Mr. Dep foldout I got miss Molly on the phone so we could all catcha flick. Now as everyone knows, Eebs was the man who showed me the light that is “Kill Bill”, so naturally we were more than obligated to invite him, so we called the pucka, not twice but THRICE yet he failed to pick up because, he was NAPPING. So I ask you, I ask you the people of NBHQ, was it us our him that blew it? Eh? Eh?? Yeah thash right, he snoozed, but we felt bad nonetheless. Did I mention we saw “Kill Bill 2” without em? Yeh..harsh but true.

Of course we met up with him after, cause heeza sav, and he jus drives like that. Some drama downtown too, hella cop cars pulled next to the licky store, we asked the nearest rasta what the haps were, said some cat hadda mac on the side of his hoop, so we hadda bounce like mad bouncers.

Fellow San Mateo-ians, you ever notice how early shit closes? Tryin to get some grub after the flick proved to be a bitch anda half, Nachos was closed, Double Rainbow was closed, so we settled fer some frozen pizzas at the safest of ways, and settlin aint to bad. But it can be after Leo “recycles” it. mmm hmmm, I know Leo would like to thank your shit don’t stank.

Pretty chill eatin outside in my HUGE backyard, Eeb was diggin the coke, Leo was diggin Johnny Dep, and I fell asleep too early.

And whats on the menu for tonight? Maybe a lil swim swim? In the wah wah? Ash’ms? Mole – ee? Eeberto? ehh ehh? Wull see, its all up to what my momma say, tommorows mommas day, I washed her van today, me and dawkness, scrubbed it good, than brotha dawkness ran off with the stereo…not cool.. Wull go hug yer mommas, or call em, or visit them in jail, keep ya chins up bias! Love ya mummum

By the way, check Leos bling Blizzle.

Busy Lika Bee

Ill try to make this post count, try to recollect whats happend in the last buncha days. In chronomotaticalacious order.

Thursday :

Dont Remember.

Did some cool shit that day, went to the talent show that night, saw my Brotha Dawkness’s beatbox onstage (video), gotta show support for the family, you know. Did I mention I went with my cousin Eebs? Cause I did, and he burned some ass in that raffle, went home with homecoming tickets for next year, a handful of lotion, and a friggin apple pie, thanks to Heidie with the pies. Crazy talent show, saw: Indian Chic dance (video), and saw this ragtag buncha raptastic revolutioniatio reppin 650 rap act (video). Prey bueno eh? Sorry bout the Indian Chic dance (video) bein kinda jerky, I was laughin my ass off. Oh and den, Shell Fish let us hit up her pad for a lil get together, if you havent already seen the pics of that, check em HERE.

G’times, cause shes so grand, shes so great, shes so fine, shes so first rate, shes so so shes already divine. Pizza was to be had, garlic breath made us all sad, nowhere kept us here, heat fogged my mirror, wanna be ya luvah gain and again, heaven tonight, gone with the sin tommorow. Yaya.

Indecisive – Characterized by lack of decision and firmness, sall good though, things work out. I think I tried to tan a bittle lit, but…yeah still all albino rhino-ish. Oh yeah I went for a long ass run, pretty cool cause it was all long the piers in the city (San Francisco) yaya, cool beans. Did I mention im doin the bay to breakers this year, gonna keep up with the Kenyans, mmm hmmm youll see me in the telly next to the tubbies: (lala, dipsy, tinky winky, and poe). You’ll see.

Somebody almost had a case of the Mondays, but ya know theres only one remedy fer that shia bia, and its seven cups sugah, stir, mix, and repeat. I know it was yesterday and all, but I don’t really remember what else happend :P.

Tuesday (today:
All you need to know is that DJ Brady FINALLY GOT AVIATORS!!!, and ther pimp as shit, or so my momma tells me. Pretty stoked, everyone knows ive been jonesin for a pair of these bias, now I gots em, gonna be all struttin round like the dude from INXS, wooty woo. Oh I gotta haircut too, lets see if anyone notices. Lets keep it on the down low.

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