Month: March 2004

Last Day In DCOM

Its not like imma miss this class, but im royally fucked if I dont pass the bajeebus outta it. Cuz remember I got more F’s than most people from West Virginia have fingers. Played the penguine game, got hella good. So what are the haps tonight? I wanna lay down some tunage in the studio wiff the usuals. Wanna get some chinee foodwiff the Joes and who knows..maybe if Bobby comes, he’ll order somma this.

Loving Fans

“Awesome possum”

Lets get sommore pictures here, sommore fan signs, sommoe women’s less snausage. Hava good one, and pinch me off some comments bia.

Toppa the Day

Woke up, ate my bowl of potatoe-o’s, danced a quick jig to shake the sleep off, kissed my sheep good morning, and rolled around in corn beef. Than I got dressed. hah

I want a car meng, so I can run over Ben, and play my shit as loud as I want cause im so deaf. Blastin the H.I.M. lika straight sav yo. Listen to the Fortress of Tears 7 times ;). Than I’d back up over Ben again.

St patty’s day, I’m wearin a green garner so you can’t touch this. Remember the lord of the dance guy? Michael Flatly? What the hell happend to that guy? I heard he wasnt even Irish either. Crazyness…

Happy birfday Niko, happy Birfday Allison.

‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky..
I almost forgot how to feel, thanks for reminding me
I thank this love, that which united we

Hybrid Moments

Two post inna day? Yeh im jus that damn pimpish today, minimum day, cut out 5th period thanks to peer pressure, went offroading behind CSM in Joes monstrousmonstrous, yet sensitive vehicle.

And wes dun got :

haha, thanks to everyone that goes here, and heres lookin at 200,000!

Till than…

and baby I found my place, in this nowhere space
i could run for miles toward your star lit face
speak silence, and I can feel your words
when you fly, I fly, and then were off like birds

Everything is Everything, she jus makes it forever

Minimum day today, people suck at walking, I prolly knocked a buncha people over without even knowin it. Sorry shorty. This class is a joke man, everyone is like..doing stuff, theres like 6 different songs playin at once and it sounds so bad :lol:, so I try to fight back with some H.I.M. so everyone in here can drown in this love. No luck, im over run by the likes of EAMON’s “Fuck it” because 3 differnt girls are all playin it at once, at different times..on these shitass computers.

Hope to go offroading wiff the Joe today in el montero. That’d be the good times, ya know I’d like to do something wiff her though. Ya know I wanted to tell her something though. But all it took was one look, and I was on fire :D. mmm hmmm its like that. Love yas

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