Month: November 2003

Ode to November

November? Daylight savings is bliss, feels good to sleep that much more, or that much less ;). Novembers cool cause its like the bridge to a bunch more holidays, and Thanksgiving’s in it. Been doin some webdesign lately for a few lucky customers, been makin some serio dinero…good times. See some of my works:

Jordan’s Site
Wong’s Site
Sam’s Site

Yeh so be sure to sign my guestbook..and tell your friends bout my site 🙂

Yay…napsters back :P

So the greatest P2P client is finally resurected, however much to the dismay of its former cult-like following, a $9.95 monthly fee is needed. instead of downloading music to your hearts content through the gnutella network using clients like Kazaa, Kazaa Lite, or Morpheus like a normal person which doesnt cost a penny, the newfound “commercial” napster thinks users will want to pay for access to a new fledgeling network which has significantly less data stored on it.

Nicks Verdict: Stick to K++ buddy :), Lars will love you for it :).


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