Month: October 2003

Almost Friday…

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Rough Shit

Rough game…

Played MA (Menlo Atherton) yesterday, got spanked 15-0, total shutout. All of us fucked up at least once or twice througout the game, I made a few bad passes myself. It’s not that our team sucks, its jus that MA is so damn good cause all the kids have prolly paid for lessons since they were old enough for their parents to buy their own pools to practice in. We jus dont have that disposition. Anyway, were playin Burlingame tommorow without the help of Kairon…i dont know…

Rough Schoolin:

Who the fuck knew about PSATs!? I hella forgot to register for that shit…so I dont know what the fuck imma do cause I wanna do good on the real thing 😛 Grades are comin out soon…I was really messin up in Bio and Algebra for a while but I think I got my shit together now. The only reason why I care is to make sure I get at least a 2.0 GPA so I can play the water polo, and I wanna go to some kinda college of some sort.

Anyway I leave you with a gif of gay spider man dancing
Shake it spidey!

Models + Cars + Cahill & Ebert = Good Times


Import Revolutions – Good, good times. Went with my brothas Nick and Matt, checked out all the cars, with their tight little bumpers and their boomin front chasis’ it was models galore. All though they were greatly outnumbered by the rice rockets, so I wouldn’t recommend going unless you really dig cars, or asian chics :). Anyway, check out PICS of the event if you can get a chance, and SIGN THE BOOK to tell me what you think :).


Driveway I get this quite often, fans of my site sendin in pics of themselves, I jus wish more chics would do it. 😛 nontheless heres Driveway an avid reader of this site and heres his message to the people of NBHQ.

Driveway: umm…>

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