Month: November 2004

Man Of Few Words

More shots of Tara Reid’s booby fallin out: OneTwoThreeFourFive

I was checkin out a bunch of these paparazzi pics, crazy how many people get their kicks offa silicon jelly and what not. Turns out the rumors are true Britney Spears has gone nuts, and Paris Hilton is now a certified crackwhore. But its still cool to dig Kerry

Anyway I have verry little else to say, the new layout will be done prolly by Friday hopefully, it will be cool I promise. I applied at Piazza’s today, hope I get the job so I can pay for stuff, like bread and washrags…Till than I guess I’ll have to eat and wash my ass with these:

Sack Wacking ( See if you can beat my best of 751 MPH )
Hella Scary Led Zep

Robots Attack – America Blew It – Change is Coming

If you’ve noticed NBHQ has been attacked by who you may ask? By none other than ROBOTS I reply! Thats right, spammer robots with gambling problems waged war on my site the last few days, bukkake-ing all over my comments with fuckin poker ads..whatever man, drink up Mr. Robot

Now I know I have no one to blame about my problems but George W. Bush. What the hell?!? I told you guys to vote for Kerry! What the shit happend? As Dan so elegantly put it “Way to fuck yourselves over America!”. Man its jus no good, and I don’t think im alone when it comes to not likin this bush guy I propose that Cali splinter away from this big American rock and go chill with Hawaii, whos with me?

Well, for every praise I’ve gotten for this current layout, I’ve gotten two complaints. So you can expect a lotta changes within the next week or so, maybe even sooner. For instance, I plan on finishing a whole new layout with a drop down menu and a caboodle of scripts within the next few days, I also want to upgrade my news script or possibly even change platforms, which would fix a lot of bugs, and possibly solve this spam problem. I will also be updating EVERY SINGLE SECTION, including the babes section and basically jus tryin my hardest to make the site better for you heads and cats. So look out mo puckas, change is comin.

Heres some links and funny pics for ya
Download the Grey Album
Bit in the Face
Funny Boobies
Nice Pectorals
Clever Hobo
One for the Nerds
Brazillian Waxjob
Trapped Kid
Deliverer of packages
Microsoft Word Paperclip

No Comment

I don’t have much to say on this day, but I would like to pinch out my two cents: o, lets jus snappa wishbone that Kerry wins and by tommorow night Bushwhacker’ll be lookin for a new job.

I haven’t been doin anything important lately..I’ve been running far and lifting plenty. I went running today in fact, it was pretty dark and I was doin my normal route through CSM, it was funny cause on the last stretch of it I ran past some community college cheerleaders and I right than happend to toot my farthorn, I thought it was funny cause I think they hella tried to not notice it, but I bet they were so caught up in my buttstorm. As for the lifting, well liftings cool like water man, I like benching, I like liver, meow mix meow mix… I wanna be able to hit 250 in nine weeks: HERES TO A HERNIA!

I hope you enjoyed the pics from Meg’s that shit was fun, Meg is always fun, Meg is so cool, Meg is so bitchin, Meg makes that girl Becky look like this dude. But I was so caught up in that malarky that I completely forgot to recount my Halloween day. Start of the day, second period english with Cahill and Shell Fish, in case you were wondering, Shell Fish has very small feet, I on the other hand, ride to school on 14’s and I aint talkin bout dubs baby, I’m talkin brown suede and the rubber soul. So I thought hey! Lets put Shell Fish in my shoes that was cool, she looked funny. Sugah straightended her hair, I spelled straighten wrong, her hair looked good, and I liked it, cause it looked good…straighten… People wore cool costumes but Scott Loy takes the pie..or cake.. or partially hydrogenated pastry. Ash’ms and Emily looked dashing as well, George did his special ninja pose, I laughed, Kelsie laughed, Matt laughed, Danny lauged, teachers laughed…George didn’t. Matt Nagy dressed up a giant glistening phallus but other people thought he looked more like a dousche, go figure..most of the costumes people had at my school fucking sucked, and I mean fucking. Anyway me and the giant dick got a picture witha reluctant nurse. So then me and Sam wore safety goggles, I got my picture taken with John Kerry, Kelsie popped out of a car and than we all watched this sunset.

Nick Magana sent me this strange ass photograph

Update Tommorow

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