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Damn It Feels Good to be a Don

girls Ian and myself lost our voices screaming at the Aragon/Hillsdale quad in which our good ol Dons shat on the Knights in a 4-0 sweep. We brought the E+A along, but only after we waited for them to assemble, prepare, blowdry, and pose. So when we got their and found seats where we were packed like sardines, but it was tolerable cause we were in close proximinity with the coolest twins ever. It was a hellova game good enough to almost take up nailbiting, not quite though. E+A, try as they might they couldn’t keep my eyes from the court, see?.

Shit-on-Hillsdale and have a good time night continued with my first visit to Condon’s House. I dug. First of all, I came, I saw, I Pimped, jus to show the other dogs who humps the legs of bitches. I learned things that night,

1. Charles has a kidney of steel and a is pretty much immune to intoxication, and he could prolly kick my ass through a wall even if he ever was drunk.

2.Sasha is Vodka’s sissy bitch. She turns into Emily Rose after her shots. Compare.

3. This girl is fucking crazy. CRAZY

4. NPC can’t handle more than one girl.

I forgot to mention anything of last weeks dinner with E+A+I that turned into a wet tee contest that I would have won if I was in it. I got picked up like a big fuckin fish. And I got cloned, twice.

I’m takin a day off school tommorow and goin to the beach. Expect more killer pics and a post made of pure balls.

P.S. I upgraded the Photo Gallery, it needs a lot of tweaking graphically, but it seems way faster to me, lemme know what you think.

Mullets Everywhere
Simpsons Soundboard
Hella Fabulous
Useless Facts

Who Is Mike Jones?

take hit Pretty fat rager party at my crib this last weekend, my humble abode, packed, like a fat man in a very small jacket, blubber bursting out of the zipper. chics in tight jeans, a guy who eatscool beans, and two more pairs of jeans. Liquid was scarce at this particular function, Joe managed to find a dilute drink to satisfy his mangina. I looked on. Jazz flute and Smirnoff Twist are for little…fairy…boys. Quoted. Ruff managed to smuggle in some shit from China, some shit from China that came from a exceptionally large can. Perhaps you noticed this photo, that was the gruesome aftermath of this event ( 4.1 mb ) . So remember kids, don’t try to smash a huge can on your dome unless you want a big stupid facial laceration. Always wear protection. Be careful when using that rubber rope thing that is capable of whipping the eyeball out of your eyeball socket. Don’t touch momma’s reaching stick. When all else fails, jus chill with your home dog.

bee dog Speakin of that crazy rottweiler / German shepard of mine…We dressed her up. As a bumble bee, as batman, and the devil too. Now how many of you can you spent a Thursday evening dressing up your peach miniature poodle in not jus one but three cute lil outfits? Go on…raise your hands.

So aside from keeping you up to date with my affairs as a high school senior, I decided to bring back all the old photos from my Freshman and Sophomore year and compile them into one conveniant folder. This one, this folder right here baby, the new home to more than a lot of photos that spell out the life in the times, the struggles, the good times, the lack of short term memory, and the good times. Take this old one of Randy for examplehe had three slices of pizza in his grill, at that time. That’s pretty marvelous. Member that day we rocked the stashes before we could grow our own? Member the hoes? Member when I chugged all that robotussin and my head got all weird? How bout when my upstairs neighbor left his water on and flooded my house so the fire deptartment came to bust open his door. Dramatic. Jus check em out.

And don’t think I forgot to mention the CURRENT school pics, these bad boys right here. The one of hoisting up a random freshman ( obviously I dint learn shit from Natalie ) and obviously that freshman wasn’t random if she was Ash’ms lil sissy poo. Poptart kicks the hump of a thousand camels when he directs traffic in the morning, for that I applaud him. I dislike rolly backpacks for the simple fact that they obstruct my path which requires the utmost space to accomodate my lengthy strides. I DO like the guy on the left, I mean hes got it down, I wanna take him to lunch. I despice being in the company of people taller than I, so when I get the apportunity to stand beside my good friend Shell Fish, I don’t pass it up.

So thats all for now, I have a job interview tommorow for some little computer networking company in Redwood City, if you were that one armless girl I would ask you cross your fingers but…ya know. As you probably noticed I tweaked the CSS of the photo gallery and cleaned up the video section a bit. Thats jus the beginning. Bitches.

Stewie Griffin Soundboard
Rocky Re-Enactment
Watermelon Art
NBHQ Myspace

Gettin A Lot Off My Chest

Wow, it would appear the teachers have me and the rest of my classmates (of the same gender) by the balls as of late. I’ve never had so much ba-dunka-dunk junk to do in sucha cramped amount of time, and believe me, I got the cramps. Why they gotta cram me with this jibba? Why do they find it so utterly neccesary to cramp my style? Surely they know I have half-dozens of loyal and deserving fans that NEED to be informed jus HOW LONG my nap sessions are and jus HOW tight my educators are applying the vice grips to my testiculars…But uh, I’m hopin once I get past this “fart gust” of homework and “ass tsunami” of projects than it’ll be clearr sailing down shit creek. Also, please be informed that I absolutely LOATHE feces and positively DETEST mayonaise…That is all…Oh and I also tend to dot dot dot when I plan on filling space and bulkin up the word count so it looks like I’m writing more about cool stuff that really isn’t happening because I need a god damn poop-tube to stay afloat in this piss pool of school..fool. Wasnt that cool?

Your wondering why Sideshow Bob is shown in the top left in the conventional benchpressing position eh? So ya know how I have weight lifting as a class 4th period? Well now ya do. I’ve been hittin up that bench pretty hard lately, (among other things) started out the year strugglin with 185 lbs and now, 65 pounds and 3 G’s worth of anabolic steroids later you’ll find my name on the Aragon Bench Board for 2 5 0 pounds baby…It’d be nice to hit at least 275 by the end of the year and at least 300 before I graduate from this place. Now if I can only get to liftin dem grades eh?

Speakin of good time kick ass matters, I went to Celia’s, a fine-by-me Mexican resturaunt that meets all of my Mexican needs and than saturates them in the yummy yummy expand my tummy fried ice cream. My reaction? Wow. I thank the scientist community of the world for applying themselves for generations and unlocking the secrets on how to fuckin DEEP FRY ice cream…I feel sorry for the poor saps who might have lived their whole lives without being exposed to the technological advancements that those fortunate enough to be living today, can spoon down our lucky little gullets. God bless you Celias…Yo quiero tu.

Went downtown with somma my boys the other night, yeh Matty Ebert drove, and yeh we had pizza, and you better fuckin believe it was Pizza My Heart. No I didn’t bring my camera, but Allah as my witness I will next time cause you can bet your mommas southern can there were some powerful photo ops that the press woulda loved to get their grubby little hands on. Like maybe a movie of Eebs studdering and stammering than bursting into uncontrollable laughter, or maybe a still shot of Pinky flipping off a officer of the LAW, or the infamous shot of like fourteen naked girls makin out. You love it.

I went to longs and had about 75 pics developed that I had takin with my digital camera, which is pretty fuckin high on the kickass meter. I highly recommend that if you have takin, or been a part incredibly cool photographs, that you have them printed out, costs .29 cents per 4×6 and they are .19 cents if you buy more than 25, and 75 is more than 25 and 75 is 50 more than 25 therefore they are unequal. So what I got out the experience was, a loss of twenty three dollars and fourty nine cents, and not one but two bulletin boards fulla insanely badass shots of my lovers and friends. Rasta!

Largest Humans Ever
aqua teen carl soundboard
pedros house from napoleon dynamite
Make Your Own Boyband
Free Ass Paste
World Jump Day
No Armed Swimmer
My Friend Todd Morrison

And Heres To the Next 300!

Here we are, post number THREE HUNDRED, and almost three years after post numero uno still kickin strong, still gettin stronger bitches. It’s crazy to look back in the archives and read somma the crazyass jibba jabba I used to write…A year ago (to the day) I was tellin you guys to say “I won a math debate” five times fast and was giving “props to Shell Fish for turnin me onto Atmosphere,” damn how bout that? That was probably boring enough for you guys to read this first time :P. So anyway I take this time to share with you some of the funny / good time shit that made these past 300 news posts memorable:

Now you and I both know I left a lot out, it would impossible to do a full recap on more than three great years of NBHQ’ing, so I suggest you pay more attention this time around for the next three and beyond my bretherin and sistahly sistahs. I thank you all for the hundreds of great comments you all have left, I wish my arms were long enough to hug you all at the same time.

I am quite sorry it’s been so long since my last post, and I am quite sorry if this isnt quite the comeback you expected but its like lovin…It’s what I got. Went to the Pepper concert the other day, or week, or something :P. Pepper kicks ass, they played “Bulls on Parade” by RATM, and even Smells Like Teen Spirit, that’s pretty darn cool in my book of whats cool and what isnt, and if you’ll turn the page you will find that your cool enough to be taking up most of my mind! See now im starting to ramble, this post sucks.

I wanna finish getting all the content up so when you click shit it does’nt give the 404 page, so I’ll try to get that up very, very soon. So far I got the lovers and friends page up that has a link to jus aboot everyones frickin MySpace. Added about 10 new songs to the radio, some good listening. As for the videos, they got featured on CollegeHumor and that’s quite cool if you ask me. And I got these up to, click em:

Well that’s I have to say, spring break is upon us, I am Cal Poly / Santa Barbara bound, it’ll be good times galore, and I’ll be sure to snap a few shots. Enjoy yourselves.

Bush likes heads?
Peter Griffin Soundboard
George foreman goes fuckin crazy
The Mosh Girl
Crazy Keyboard Player
Crazy ass who thinks hes a mermaid
Haha nice picture

P.S. Happy Birthday Chuck

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